Why is Creed Cologne So Expensive? [Explained]

Are you one of those who have an intense zeal for collecting and cherishing the magic of perfumes? Then you must have heard of Creed cologne and know how expensive it is. But don’t you have random thoughts on what makes them so pricey?

Owning a Creed cologne makes you spend a hefty amount of price and is regarded as prestigious for maintaining a rich status. But is a single perfume from Creed worth paying for more than hundreds of dollars? Well, this royal brand is certainly going to make you believe so when you step into their store and try out the crazy aromas. But are they worth it? Let’s have a look.


What are Creed Fragrances?

Creed Fragrances

Creed works as a perfume house, having its outlets spread all over the world’s rich countries. The Creed Green Irish Tweed Eau De Parfum line is regarded as the world’s most expensive perfume line.

The unique selling proposition of Creed perfumes is that it is made of pure, nature-based ingredients, which contributes to their high prices. Moreover, Creed Fragrances are manufactured using more than 20% of perfume oil and a lesser amount of alcohol, making the fragrance long-lasting and intense.

The high-quality manufacturing procedure of Creed colognes involves the usage of a great variety of scents. All the ingredients, products, and formulas, which take part in the procedure are the finest in class and quality. It makes the brand boast about its quality and keep a very high price rate.


Why is Creed fragrance so expensive?

Why is Creed fragrance so expensive

Creed fragrances have all the great reasons to become super expensive. From fragrance quality to packaging and service, anyone can spot the difference between Creed Aventus and any other perfume niche brands.

Here are the reasons that make Creed colognes out-of-the-box and highly expensive.

Immensely attractive scent

The signature feature of Creed colognes is that they are immensely attractive and smell divinely beautiful. When you smell the Aventus scent from Creed, you can easily spot the difference with its immensely tantalizing aroma.

The rich aroma with the best of quality adds an upliftment to your personality and status.  As time goes, the perfume tends to become richer and reveals its other notes, making it more alluring.


Excellent quality

There is no other perfume that can serve the exquisite quality as Creed perfumes. It is made of high-quality ingredients, which are initially hand-mixed and then prepared using a unique and impressive infusion method.

Each of the components used is fascinating, with its own history and traits. Moreover, there is a unique touch to the procedure from every aspect.


High-quality ingredients

All the ingredients used for making Creed cologne are high in quality and magical characteristics. The scent formulation method, which is used for scent forming, includes natural and organic ingredients.


A royal brand name

All of us know very well how a brand name can impact sales. This scenario is also not an exception. The fragrance industry of Creed had a very traditionally rich history since 1970 when it started for the first time in London.

From the very beginning, it is serving the imperial families of the Royal Dynasty in Europe, which makes it a legit royal brand.


A celebrity-approved brand

Celebrities simply love the authentic and rich scents of Creed. The perfume’s magical elements have managed to impress many celebrities worldwide, which itself promotes the brand name. Also, it is more of a matter of aristocracy to own perfume from Creed.

Different Sizes and Different Prices

Creed cologne usually comes in a variety of sizes and price tags. Looking at the size and pricing for various Creed colognes will undoubtedly give you a distinct idea about it.

So, here have a look at the different prices and variants of colognes offered by Creed.

  • Creed Acqua Fiorentina: This collection is popular with its perfume, oil, shower gel, and many other toilette products. The 75 ml bottle of its cologne will cost you $380. On the other hand, the 500ml bottle is whooping expensive with a price of $955.
  • Creed Aventus: This is the most popular and indeed the best-seller Creed cologne. It comes with its rich collection of perfume, oil, shower gel, etc. This exquisite collection’s price range lies between $32- $1600, making it highly expensive.
  • Creed Asian Green Tea: The Asian Green Collection by the brand Creed is very popular with its elite collections. For a bottle of 100 ml of quantity, it costs around $315.
  • Creed Fleurissimo: The Fleurissimo collection for women is available in both perfume and soaps. This special fragrance costs about $380-$1005.
  • Creed Spice and Wood: The spice and wood collection by Creed is rich with its royal wooden fragrance. It costs between $545 and $995.
  • Creed Green Irish Tweed: This widely popular Green Irish Tweed is available in both affordable and expensive ranges. The price lies between $310- $1450 per bottle based on its size.
  • Creed Original Santal: The spicy and rich cologne collection of original sandalwood-based fragrances is proof of why it is so expensive. This perfume ranges between $310-$1005.
  • Creed Love in White: These love-filled perfume bottles of Creed come as a shower gel, perfume, soap, oil, and body lotion. This perfume price ranges between $230-$1450.
  • Creed Silver Mountain Water: The Silver Mountain water collection from Creed is suitable for both men and women, which is quite expensive as a perfume. It costs $310-$1450, which makes it too difficult to afford by many.


Is Creed fragrance worth the money?

Creed fragrance worth the money

Whether the Creed fragrances are worth the money or not, that’s much of a personal choice. When you walk into the store, try out the samples and buy the one you like, it will give you the peace of mind of owning a luxury perfume brand product. But if you opt for summing up the price of individual ingredients and packaging, it will go nowhere near the actual pierce tag.

As you buy a Creed fragrance, it means you are ready to pay that much amount for a perfume only; thus, it will be worth it. Some people also feel that a whopping amount for just cologne is not worth the price.

However, when you smell and start using the product, you can spot the difference between Creed and other brands and why it is so costly. Each of the fragrances smells like it is worth paying for. The scent of the cologne lasts for a long time, and, at the same time, a small application is simply going to stay for long. Thus, it means the bottle is not going to be empty any sooner. Moreover, the history and brand name associated with it makes the fragrance worth paying for.



From using top-notch ingredients to offering the best class bottling and packaging, Creed offers everything packed in small bottles. With the use of magical natural ingredients to providing the most long-lasting fragrance on your body, there are all the right reasons for Creed colognes to be expensive. Owning a creed perfume is regarded as a higher status-based matter.

Also, delving into the rich and scented fragrance of Creed colognes makes it clear to you that it is worth every penny. So, if you are ready to spend a whopping amount of cost for your perfume, then you should not think twice and must step into the store of Creed to enjoy the greatness of its aroma.