When to Wear Cologne?

Colognes might be invisible but are indeed one of the most important wardrobe essentials no one should miss.

But is only finding a perfect cologne enough? No, using it the right way and knowing when exactly you should spray it is equally important.

And so here’s everything you should know about when to wear cologne and when not to, so you can make every spray count.

Read on and make fewer changes to your habits and keep smelling fresh.


When Should You Wear Cologne?

When Should You Wear Cologne

As much as having the right perfume for your personality is important, so is knowing when to spray it and when not to.

This is because there are chances you might end up emptying the cologne bottle without making the most of it by spraying it at the wrong time.

All perfumes have significant scents suited for a particular environment, activities, occasion, and the place you visit.

There are certain places you should wear a strong scent and even places you should avoid. The same is with subtle aromas. There are even events and places you should avoid wearing one.

You definitely should wear cologne when you are at a social event. Whether it is after work or it’s a weekend at the club. Wearing our favorite scent is mandatory. But make sure to pick a distinctive scent for the same.

You also need to wear fragrances for special events like a wedding or a date. In these events, you can be your true self and so can obviously pick your favorite scent.

You can experiment with your choices and definitely should wear your best fragrance.

But when it comes to outdoor activities and places with a lot of people in a small area, perfumes should be avoided.

This is because your fragrance’s intense aroma can add up to your sweat, and instead of smelling good, you can end with an odor.

Also, if you are heading out for a workout session at the park or gym, or swimming you should avoid using your cologne. You will simply end up wasting the beauty for no reason.

Even while flying, you should avoid wearing scents. This is because you will be trapped in a congested area for a longer duration, making your cologne stink.

So basically you should wear your cologne for work, a weekend out with friends, a picnic, wedding, date and other such special occasions. Avoid using your cologne anywhere you are likely to sweat more or have lesser air circulation around you.

Now that you know when to wear your cologne learning how to wear it in the right way will surely maximize its usage and eventually increase its longevity. So read on and know when and how to wear your cologne the right way.


How to Apply the Cologne the Right Way?

Applying cologne to make the most out of it is a trick, which is exactly what we have for you.

Where to Apply?

Where to Apply

The right way to apply the cologne is spraying where it will likely last longer. So this includes the pulse points of your body. This consists of the neck, wrist, and even behind ears.

This is because the heat in your pulses will easily hold the fragrance for a longer duration. You can also spray some on your hair during summer for better longevity.

Applying cologne on these parts will keep you smelling fresh for a longer duration and reduces any chances of fragrance turning to odor due to sweat.


When to Apply?

When to Apply

Applying cologne at the right time is as important as even using it. So make sure you apply your cologne right after a shower on clean and moisturized skin.

Do not apply it on dry skin, especially during winters, or it may lead to allergies.

Also, you need to make sure that the body lotions, oils, and bathing soap that you use do not have a strong fragrance of their own.

Your skincare products’ strong aroma gets mixed with the scent of cologne and may spoil it.

Applying cologne post-shower will help it sink deep into your skin pores, making it last longer than it would on dry skin.


How Much to Apply?

How Much to Apply

It is a myth that applying a lot of perfume will make it last longer. No matter how much you apply, it will fade away when it is supposed to. By doing so, you are only emptying your cologne bottle.

So do not spritz more than two or three times on your pulse areas. Hold the cologne bottle three to six inches away from your skin to have a decent fragrance.

Most colognes have an intense fragrance, and the end goal is to smell fresh. Do not overapply it, or it may just make you smell darker and dense.



Should I Apply Cologne Every Day?

Colognes do have a shelf life, and you probably don’t want to throw it away. So yes, you can apply cologne every day. You will keep smelling fresh no matter what and where you go.

On days you are not going to step out, you can indeed skip it. Applying cologne every day will become your habit, and we know there’s no bad in it.


Should I Spray Cologne on Skin or Clothes?

Colognes are formulated to absorb quickly into your skin’s pores rather than fabric. So if you want your cologne to last longer, make sure to spray it on your skin.

Spray it on your pulse points like neck, wrist, and behind the ears. Also, make sure to avoid spraying it in the air and walking through it. You might just end up wasting your scent.


Are Three Sprays of Cologne Too Much?

No, two to three sprays of cologne are enough for a day to keep smelling fresh. If you are using a milder fragrance, you can even make it 4, but remember you don’t want to annoy anyone with a strong scent.

So depending on the fragrances of your cologne, make sure to spray it appropriately.



So that was all you should know about when you need a colognes and when just to skip it. Although you can wear your favorite scent daily, wearing it on the flight, while swimming, or at a place with lots of people can just make you waste your perfume.

Also, know that you don’t need to spray more than four spritzes. Doing so in no way increases perfume’s longevity. Instead, you just smell a bit dense than usual.

Hope now you probably know to make the most out of your favorite scent without wasting it on unnecessary events or places.