What Does Your Perfume Say About You?

Have you ever wondered how your signature perfume describes your personality? While your choices or brands might change with time, the base notes might not change at all. Your choice of perfume could also vary depending on the season or outfit or your mood.

The fragrance you wear is an indication of your personality and is a prime reason that denotes your attraction to certain variants as opposed to others. Perfumes were initially used to mask the body odor. However, these products’ use case has now evolved and become a luxury for self-expression for men and women.


Your Perfume, Your Story

Your Perfume, Your Story

Choosing the right perfume is sure a confusing ordeal, and when used regularly, you must understand the story behind each note that comes with your fragrance. So, here is a rundown of the popular notes you might find in your favourite perfume to help you select the right go-to fragrance that reflects your personality.


Citrus perfume

Are you someone who takes charge of a situation that calls for group meetings? Would your close ones describe your personality as that of someone who is an alpha woman or man? If this is you, we can bet that you love citrus-based fragrances.

Some who love the citrus essence tend to be strong-minded, natural leaders, &ambitious as well. Alternatively, they might also be viewed as someone with aggressive or dominant personalities. However, there isn’t anything bad in being the queen or king at the office who takes charge of everything with finesse. Make sure your personality doesn’t seem too sour in case your way doesn’t work out.




The warm, spicy, & musky notes that come with the oriental fragrances pack in some bold notes. If you love these notes, you would have a naturally bold personality who loves to stay awake at night while being unafraid to show their sensual side.

Oriental essence loves are creative, original, and style leaders with wit and charm.




Do you love the scent of lily, jasmine, or gardenia? If so, your closet would be packed with different varieties of floral fragrances. This essence dictates that you are outdoorsy, friendly, and open-minded.

A floral-fragrance lover is someone practical & sensible yet carefree to a certain extent. Although this particular essence is loved mostly by women, it isn’t uncommon for men to try it out either.




If the sea or water is what calls you, your signature fragrance would surely be an aquatic one. People who love aquatic or marine fragrances tend to be casual, cool, as well as free-spirited. Not just that, these individuals are also quite intellectual and elegant.

Aquatic scents also make up for the perfect essence for dreamers. They are loved by folks that are generally shy and love a good holiday at a remote location. They are also spontaneous, energetic, and fit in nature.




Woody fragrances represent a reliable, solid, & easy-going masculinity. These fragrances are generally acceptable among men, given the fact that they help enforce a sense of masculinity. The essence portrays the wearer as someone who is earthy and loves things such as freshly cut grass, climate after a thunderstorm, or the beauty of pine trees.

Further, these essence collections also project academic excellence, professionalism, as well as stability. Woody fragrance such as sandalwood radiates a feeling of perfection.




Now, one would imagine that individuals that wear fruity perfume would be sweet like strawberries. However, this isn’t the case. People who love fruity smells are generally bright, bold, and passionate about what they do.

They are also optimistic, energetic, and bouncy in nature. In short, there isn’t a dull or boring moment in their lives. Also, sarcasm is a clear part of their regular chat.




An individual who tends to wear the luxury boutique essence is sure in love and appreciates features such as originality, craftsmanship, and quirkiness. Someone witha love for boutique fragrance tends to display a passion for details, pride and is aware of their value while withholding themselves high amid others.




For someone who is a bit classy and sophisticated, the green essence is quite the standard. People that love this fragrance tend to have a bit of drama in their lives. Perfume enthusiasts that love the niche green fragrances tend to have tenderness towards fresh, ripe, and crisp smells with notes of basil, cucumber, as well as green tea.

Such perfumes prove to have a memorable and distinctive mark on the people around you.




Fragrances that leave an essence of food while featuring notes such as chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, coffee, etc., tend to fall under this category. These amazing scents can surely add a rumble to anyone’s stomach. It is especially true for vanilla that is considered a well-known psychogenic aphrodisiac.

People witha love for gourmand fragrances are most energetic and lively in nature. These folks love drinking, dancing, socializing, meeting new folks, or maybe a quick night out with friends on the weekend.


Should You Have a Signature Fragrance?

Now, the answer to this question is quite simple. It’s a big “YES.” Let us dive deeper into why you should have a signature fragrance. You might have noticed that a certain smell or perfume tends to remind you of a certain someone. The reason behind it is that humans link smell with a close memory, special event, or maybe a loved person.

That is why wearing your signature scent serves as an easy and amazing way to ensure that people remember you by your smell regardless of where you go. This deep and personal fragrance helps everyone associate you with a personality or close memory. It is especially true for moments when you aren’t present in the scenario.

An amazing thing about signature fragrance is the fact that you don’t really have to create a physical fragrance from scratch to represent you. Not just that, you also don’t have to invest a lot in terms of finance to support this need. Rather it is the matter of locating & selecting a fragrance that represents you or reflects you.

But, how would you select your signature fragrance? Check out this guide to understand more about it.


How to Choose a Signature Fragrance: Guide

Signature Fragrance

How should you opt for that one perfume that truly represents you from hundreds and millions of choices out in the market? Now, keep in mind that your signature perfume might not be the one that you wear regularly. But, it should be something that represents your style factor and personality while helping others associate you with the same.

Here are certain questions that you must ask yourself as you figure out which perfume belongs to you.

A fragrance that suits you

The first thing in order is to decode the type of fragrance that suits you. Ask yourself! Are you in love with the spicy notes or the floral ones? Does the musky scent make you tingle within, or is it the citrus smell?

The best way to decide the scent that appeals to your taste bud is to visit your local store and try them one after another. When smelling the fragrance, try imagining your interests and personality. If you are someone who loves the beach, your go-to scent would be a tropical, summery fragrance such as coconut.

In case you are an outdoorsy person, a woodsy fragrance would do you good. For a mysterious and dark personality, an earthy or sporty smell would be preferable.


When do you want to wear your signature fragrance?

Next, in your move to choose the fragrance, you need to decide when and where to wear the signature fragrance. Ask yourself! Do you need a perfume that could help turn heads as you walk on the road? Do you want something fresh and clean to wear daily as you head out to your office?

Regardless of whether you wear different fragrances for varying occasions, you must select each one carefully to match up to your style and persona. In case you are buying them online, make sure you read up on the reviews and decide accordingly.


How long should you wear your fragrance?

It might be tempting to select a fragrance that has been trending in the market. However, these fragrances last a few months or so. Regardless, a perfectly chosen signature fragrance will surely scale through the years and mark your presence wherever you go.

When determining the duration for which you should wear your fragrance, it would depend on its essence’s overall strength. When you wear your signature perfume in the right amount, it will waft delicately right behind you without actually making everyone gag.


How to Wear Your Signature Fragrance?

After you have successfully brought your signature essence, you must also understand the right way to wear the same.

1st Rule:

The key is not to overdo it. A simple and light spray or dab in different heated areas of the body like the elbows, wrists, back of the ears, or neck could be enough to help the fragrance linger around you. You can also apply it behind the knees to ensure that this fragrance trails as you pass through.

In case you are going for a date, a quick dab of perfume on the cleavage could also be very seductive.


2nd Rule:

Another rule to follow when wearing the signature fragrance is to ensure that any old fragrance has been totally washed off the clothes. Unless the old fragrance hasn’t been washed off, it will lead to a wrong mix-up, and you would end up smelling like nothing or very weird.



Perfumes sure are important to us all and aren’t limited to just smelling good. Rather, it is more about creating an identity about you as someone different and memorable. They establish a character trait for our close ones as well as the society.

These essences can either be for you or your loved ones as a gift. In case you are unsure of what represents you, go with a classic, subtle style instead of going all out or brash.