What Is a Tester Cologne?

Some people prefer testers instead when it comes to fragrances, and others want nothing but a labeled perfume.

Many people think testers are original scents because their fragrance is strong and durable. At the same time, others don’t want to pay for anything else but a labeled perfume bottle of their favorite brand.

But what exactly are these testers? We have got all the answers to your doubts about testers, their uses, and the difference between testers’ colognes and officially branded colognes.


What is a Tester Cologne?

Tester Cologne

The fragrance industry is spread all around the globe in every market. This makes it essential for cologne brands to reach perfume shops in every market to sell their products.

So to provide affordable alternatives to convince clients to invest in particular perfumes, brands came up with a new idea.

To help customers pick the right perfume, testing is equally important. So brands, instead of allowing manufacturers to use expensive scents for testing, provide tester colognes.

Tester colognes are provided by the company that looks similar to the perfume bottles to provide samples to the customers. These bottles are comparatively cheaper, so customers don’t spend a lot on fragrance they will later dislike.

But later on, it became a myth that tester colognes are stronger and durable compared to official brand perfumes. And this made customers want to invest in tester colognes and not the branded labeled perfumes.


What is the Purpose of Tester Cologne?

Tester colognes are new and completely unused, just an affordable option without a fancy label or decorative caps.

The ideal purpose of tester colognes is to convince the customer to invest in a perfume. Testers are cheaper options that customers can easily afford in order to try them.

They have original 100% liquid that you will find in an original labeled container.

So basically, later on, you do not regret investing in. But what exactly is the difference between the perfume testers and the official brand perfumes?


Perfume Testers vs. Official Brand Perfumes

Perfume Testers vs. Official Brand Perfumes

If knowing the difference between the two will help you get a better idea of what exactly you want to invest in, here it is all.

Perfume testers are just for marketing perspective, a kind of sample a perfume brand provides consumers without asking for a lot of investment.

The difference is mostly seen in its packaging than the perfume concentration and its durability. The perfumes have an official branding logo and packaging, while the testers don’t.

But why are the perfume testers more affordable than the perfumes?

Since the testers are sold without luxury packaging, sometimes caps and tags, the tax is comparatively low. Brands only need to pay for the transport and not the fancy details you get with branded perfume bottles.

This makes perfume testers way more affordable compared to officially branded perfumes.

If we compare the durability of the two, there’s no much noticeable difference. The longevity of the original perfume testers is similar to the longevity of the official branded perfumes. But it also depends on how the testers are stored.

Since testers do not have better packaging, it is likely to lose its longevity over time. The fragrance might evaporate quickly if the air enters the perfume bottle, and hence losing its intensity.

So it is essential to be extra careful with its storage.


How To Know If A Perfume Tester Is Original?

Fake perfumes are relatively easy to check, but it is a bit of a difficult task with testers. The less packaging can make it complicated to figure out the exact difference.

Since the tester perfume is being imitated in quite a larger proportion, it is mandatory to check if a perfume tester is original or fake.



To begin with, although the tester perfume is cheaper than the official branded perfume, there still isn’t a massive difference in the price range.

Sellers often cut down on the profit in order to increase its sales. So if you find a tester perfume at an exceptionally lower price, know that it is a fake tester, and you definitely should avoid it.

Also, tester perfumes are available in different price ranges and are non-negotiable.

If the seller is ready to lower the charges in order to sell it to you, know that it is fake, and you should not fall into the trap.




We did say that the tester perfume packaging is quite different from the official perfumes; we nowhere meant the bottle.

The cap is often kept simple than the fancy ones, but it is still leak-proof. You will see the difference between the original perfume bottles and the fake ones easily.

So if you find it loose or with a different cutting design, the perfume tester is definitely fake.




We are talking about perfumes, and their fragrance is the key to check their quality. So you need to know that original perfumes have a sharp scent, although mild, but easy to smell.

This isn’t the same with the fake perfume testers. Fake perfume testers have watery consistency and will not have a sharp scent.

You will not easily smell the difference but will surely be able to check the consistency if you are lucky enough to get a transparent bottle.

These tiny differences are challenging for all consumers to notice, and that’s the reason fake testers and perfumes are sold in with ease in the market. But since you know it now, we probably hope you won’t be cheated.



So, to end it here, both perfume testers and officially branded perfumes are similar when it comes to durability. The only noticeable difference between the two is in its advertising packaging, which perfume testers lack.

But make sure the perfume testers you are investing in fulfills their purpose, and you are investing in original testers and not the fake ones.

Hope you find your favorite scent since testers are pocket-friendly trial options now.