What Color Nails With A Black Dress? (6 Colors to Choose)

Black dresses are a staple in every woman’s closet. They are so versatile that you can wear the same dress for a night out with your girlfriends, as well as a red carpet event. You can do so by customizing the additional accessories like jewelry, makeup, as well as nail paints.

Since black is a bold color, you can create fun as well as formal outfits with the right kind of nail paint. Since you want our recommendation, we suggest experimenting with white, grey, silver, gold, red, blue, green, etc.

Wow, those are a lot of color options, and it is necessary to pick the right shade as per the event. We are here to help you in that exact matter with the following article.


6 Nail Colors to Pair with a Black Dress

As we mentioned earlier, a black dress is multifaceted, but the additional accessories you choose might not be, including the choice of nail paint.

We suggest going through each and every nail color option and picking out the best according to your taste and the occasion in question.


1. Classic Combination of Black and White/Nude

Black and White/Nude nail

If you want something aesthetically pleasing and enchanting, we suggest going with the iconic white nail polish with a black dress.

This subtle combination can be worn to a business meeting as well as to a picnic with friends. It is refreshing, minimal, and adaptable.

If your black dress has a little bit of shimmer to it, we suggest going with a single coat of white nail polish. This will look perfect for a lovely summer afternoon.

However, if it is a black-tie event with a black suede dress, you can add some sparkle to your outfit by adding a shiny topcoat to your white nail polish.

Keep your makeup to a minimum with a pink hue eyeshadow and light red lipstick.

If white is getting too plaid for you, you can also try nude shades. But choose the shades as per your skin tone to make the most of it.


2. Natural Grey for a Holographic Effect

Jazz up your outfit with steel grey nail paint. Not only does it go with all skin tones, but it also works for casual as well as formal events.

If you want to add a fun factor to your attire, you can also make them holographic.

Start off with a base coat, followed by a simple grey nail paint. Take a holographic sheet and cut it in the size of your nails. Press it down on the fresh nail paint and peel it off within five seconds.

Viola! You will have a lovely shade of grey paint with an alluring holographic event that will get everybody’s attention in no time.


3. Gold and Silver for Metallic Lovers

Gold and Silver nail

Metallic tones like gold and silver nail paint will have you feeling like a princess, straight out of your favorite fairy tale.

These colors bring out the essence of your black dress and are the perfect choices for evening events.

These shimmery color options will redefine your outfit without distracting others from your outfit. Instead, they will complement our black dress by maintaining the sharpness and elegance of your dress.


4. Bold Red for Important Events

Red Nail

If you want to make a bold and confident first impression- be it for a meeting or a first date, we suggest pairing your black dress with red nail paint.

You can select the shade of red as per your liking.

For example, light coral or orange red work for casual events, like meeting your friends or running errands. With its orange hue, you can pass it off as something not-so-distracting.

Rube red or crimson work for formal and black-tie events due to their bold shade.

Lastly, burgundy and wine red are excellent choices for first dates. They help you show off your exciting and spontaneous side.


5. Blue for Bold on Bold

Blue Nail Polish

If you are willing to let go of the norms of nail paints and opt for something wacky and distinctive, we suggest the color blue.

You can redefine the rules of colors by pairing blue with black. You might be hesitant about trying this, but this will help you stand out of the crowd in no time.

You can either play it safe by choosing light blue or baby blue shades. But if you want to explore the bold woman hidden inside you, we suggest cyan or tiffany blue.


6. Green as an Offbeat Choice

Green Nail Polish

Mint green on a black dress might seem too bizarre for some, but it sure is fun!

Such bold colors will add personality to your black dress without adding too many elements.

If you want more pop of colors, we suggest trying lavender, yellow, orange nail paints.


Should Nail Paints Match with your Dress?

Matching your nail paints with your outfits on a daily basis can be tedious. You can’t really expect yourself to change your nail paints every day, can you?

While matching your outfit with your nail paint can define your personality and presence, you need not match it all the time.

One simple way out is segregating your entire wardrobe on the basis of the shade.

For example, if you have more bold and loud-colored outfits, we suggest buying more nude nail paints.

Contrarily, if you have more number of dresses in the shades of nude, it is more cost-efficient to get bolder shades of nail paint.

For basics, you must own black, blue, pink, and red nail paint at all times.



What nail polish goes with everything?

If you are planning to get a manicure, we suggest getting something that will practically go with every outfit for every occasion. Some of our favorites are a classic French manicure, beige nails, white nails with a shiny topcoat, red nails, and brown nails.


What color looks good on toenails?

Darker shades like purple, lavender, black, and navy look well on toenails. They stand out with any type of footwear or dress.

Moreover, such colors make your feet look clean and tidy.



The nail paint options for black dresses may be vast, but it puts the onus on you to pick out the right shade. Consider all the aspects like- type of dress, type of occasion, and type of additional accessories while picking out the nail paint.

Have some fun with the black and bold shades, and channel your inner diva with the right kind of confidence!