What Color Nails Go With A Green Dress (7 Most Popular Nail Colors)

Whenever we think of a woman wearing a green dress, we are reminded of the fascinating freshness of nature and peace. A classic green dress can look chic and enchanting. It works for daily wear as well as important events.

The best way to pull off a green dress is by accessorizing it the right way. You can start off with an overcoat, some gold jewelry, and, not to forget, proper nail paint. Some of our favorite nail paint options are red, black, white, nude, pink, blue, and of course, green.

But you can’t simply pick out any color with your eyes closed. You will have to consider the shade of your green dress as well. Don’t worry; we are here to help you out in that matter with the following article.

So, let us get started with styling your green dress to perfection without wasting any more time!


7 Most Popular Nail Colors to Pair with your Green Dress

A green dress can be challenging to deal with since the color is bold in itself. But the following nail colors are carefully chosen to help you look ravishing without a touch of gaudiness.


1. Red for a Festive Vibe

Red Nail

The combination of red and green reminds us of Christmas and togetherness. It is a match made in heaven, especially if you want to wear your green dress for a festive occasion.

Moreover, red and green are complementary colors, so the vibe you get is unexpected yet pleases the eye.

It will create a dramatic and striking look that will instantly set you apart from the crowd.

The best shades of green that go with red nail paint are mint green, lime green, and emerald green.

You can also alter the shade of your red nail paint as per the dress. As a thumb rule, go with a contrasting shade. For example, if you have a dark green dress, wear light red nail paint, and vice versa.


2. Black for a Bold Look

Black Nail

Black and green make an eye-catching appearance, even though both are bold colors.

It will almost create a cinematic look, which will almost make you feel like you are attending a red carpet premiere.

If the colors are getting too much for your eye, you can offset them with white nail polish. French manicure on black nail paint will look classy and elegant.

We suggest wearing black nail polish if your dress is in the shade of forest green or hunter green.


3. White for a Chic Look

White Nail

If you are not somebody who likes to experiment with colors, who said simple couldn’t look gorgeous?

White nail paints bring a breadth of freshness to green dresses. They blend well with each other without coming off as too loud or flashy.

You can either go for a completely white coat or a French manicure.

Another crucial advantage is that white nail paint goes well with all shades of green. This helps you use the same nail paint for all your green outfits.


4. Nude for a Modern Look

Nude Nail Polish

Even though white is… well, white, people consider it to be outdated and not-so-trendy.

While that is not true, you can go with nude nail paint instead of white to pair with your green dress.

Natural colors like peach, ivory, coral, and pearl will give everybody the illusion of freshly-manicured nails. They also make your nails appear clean, making this one of the best options for formal settings.

Just like white, practically any shade of nude nail paint will go with all shades of green. So, go wild and have some fun with it.


5. Pink for a Stylish Look

Pink Nail

Pink and green is the color combination that has been on everybody’s mind lately. It emits royal yet chic energy that anyone and everyone can pull off.

However, a simple mistake in picking out the wrong shade can ruin your attire.

For example, if your green dress is in the shade of sage green, we suggest a pale pink nail color.

On the other hand, if you have an olive or emerald green dress, a bright and vibrant pink shade will look fantastic.


6. Blue for a Contrasting Look

Blue Nail Polish

If creating contrasting outfits is your playground, we suggest going with blue nail paint.

Since both of them are colors have a cool undertone, they work well with all skin tones. Moreover, the contrast created between blue and green is noteworthy.

If you are choosing a light shade of blue, pair it with a dark green dress. Contrarily, go with a dark shade of blue nail paint if you have a light green dress.


7. Green for a Monochromatic Look

Green Nail Polish

Green nail paint with a green dress might not be your first choice, but this combination works wonderfully well for theme parties.

You can create a monochromatic look by pairing different shades of green.

If the green gets too green, you can throw in some pop of colors in the form of lipstick or an eyeshadow.


Should You Match Your Lipstick with your Nail Paint?

This question is subjective, and there are no correct answers. However, let us look at both sides of the story before coming to a verdict.

Coordinating your nail paint with your lipstick will require a simple color palette. You can’t expect to wear green lipstick with green nail paint, would you? It would just make you look straight out of The Hunger Games.

The best shades to match are nude, pink, red, and orange.

It will create a polished look that will give you all the limelight you require.

On the other hand, you can add more color to your persona by mismatching your lipstick and nail paint.

Opt for contrasting shades like blue and black, red and green, or nude and gold.

Since there are no concrete rules to beauty, you can have your fun with it, as per your liking.



Should your nail polish match your dress?

Your nail polish need not be an exact match to your dress. You can pick out a similar shade or a contrasting one. Just make sure that the colors blend well while standing on their own.


What nail color makes fingers look slimmer?

If you want your nails to look slimmer, we suggest shaping them to mirror the cuticles. Nude shades like pink or beige will make your fingers look slim as well as long.


Final Note

Green dresses are lively on their own. But with the right accessories, appropriate makeup, and coordinated nail paint, you can rock those greens any day and every day.

What other fashion and style-related topics would you like us to cover? Do let us know in the comments below.