Best Tom Ford Cologne 2022

Over the years, colognes and perfumes have evolved from being mere fragrances to wade-off smelly odors into more of an extension of the wearer himself. Your scent has the ability to improve your mood, boost your confidence, as well as to make or break your first impressions with other people.

The distinctive smell that effuses from your clothes speaks volumes about your personality, and so what better than smelling like absolute luxury? And we all know there is one man who understands luxury like no other and that is Tom Ford.

This is why we bring you a curation of the richest fragrances by the man himself along with a little peek into the history of the Tom Ford Cologne collection.


History of Tom Ford Cologne

This remarkable journey of building one of the biggest fragrance empires began after Tom Ford bid adieu to the Gucci Group in 2004, and exposed himself to the market with his first cologne named Black Orchid in the year 2006. An invention that received numerous recognitions including the Fragrance Foundation Award, and had swayed many men and women with its musky and oriental notes.

The idea behind this brand stood strongly into breaking-free from the mainstream fragrance market, which was further confirmed with the splendid Private Blend Collection launched in 2007. These sets of scents were conceptualized with bold whiffs of leather, tobacco, black violet, and other boisterous smells.The fascination with the Middle East culture inspired Tom Ford to explore woody textures of oud along with other exotic ingredients that made their way into the initial collection.

Soon after, many such inventions were released under the Tom Ford umbrella with exotic fragrances and landed over 40 independent eau de parfums, most of them genderless, and captivated the market. They furthered the concept of allowing men and women to don any fragrance they like, and largely blurring the role of “gender” in the choice.

Tom Ford Colognes can be categorized into two major brackets, mainly, Signature Collection and Private Blend Collection. While the latter is a rather premium blend, the former is more accessible to the average crowd.


Best Tom Ford Cologne

Here is the list of best tom ford colognes for men and women

  • Tom Ford Black Orchid
  • Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford
  • Tuscan Leather
  • Tom Ford Oud Wood
  • Tom Ford Amber Absolute
  • Noir Denoir
  • Soleil Blanc
  • Tom Ford Tobacco Oud
  • Tom Ford Fabulous
  • Tobacco Vinelle by Tom Ford


Best Tom Ford Colognes 2022

Check out the some of the best Tom Ford colognes according to our research reviewed below according to their performance, combinations, and sillage:


Black Orchid By Tom Ford For Women

Black Orchid By Tom Ford For Women Eau De Parfum Spray

Black Orchid was the first signature perfume released by the Tom Ford house in the early 2006 and helped the brand pave its way through the fragrance market. Although the scent was marketed more toward the feminine lot, it soon found appreciation and acclaim within a large section of men with more than 30% of its wearers turning out to be them.

This fragrance is extremely exhilarating and carries an oriental cyphre note and can be described as complex, dark, and rich. It has a very effervescent and bright opening, and contains a ting of spicy violet which makes sure the fragrance does not go all the way floral.

The bubbly tones can be striking even with one little spritz, making it suitable for women, However, there are definitely also some musky undertones that makes it a very complex blend that is wearable by men as well.

Overall, this signature cologne is one to love. Although, watch-out on how much of it you spray as it can easily get overpowering.


Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Aqua Eau De Toilette

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Aqua Eau De Toilette, Best Tom Ford Cologne

Citrusy-scented Neroli Portofino is one of the unisex perfumes offered by under the Tom Ford branding. This fragrance was created by Rodrigo Flores-Roux and launched in the year 2011, and it is being marketed by the Estēe Lauder Companies.

With a faint whiff, you can take in the base notes on which the product was developed, with orange blossom, vanilla, and amber turning out to be the stars of the show. It is very mildly-scented, although performance-wise outlasts many other Neroli-based colognes by other makers on the market.

Men and women alike can wear this scent due to its multi-dimensional qualities containing both woodsy and bright undertones. Although, the overpowering fruity wafts are going to be more of the liking of women.

The smell can easily give-off a very soapy note due to its floral notes, however, If you are not easily offended by strong oriental or fruity fragrances then you might as well like this piece.


Tom Ford Private Blend Tuscan Leather

Tom Ford Private Blend Tuscan Leather

This one is one of the premium fragrances offered by Tom Ford in his exclusive collection known as Private Blend. This cologne was released in the year 2007, and is known as one of the twelve perfumes that have been an attempt to break-free from the conventional scents on the market.

The scent has extremely masculine and animalic accords with woodsy base notes. You can experience a dark, smokey, and manly whiff with every squirt of this cologne. Amber, Thyme, and Jasmine are also one of the main notes that are very evident. Some say this addictive scent comes really close to the the scent of Cocaine.

If you like a very masculine touch in your fragrances then this product is not going to disappoint you. Although this is marketed to both men and women, this fragrance seems ideal for rugged men to enhance their personalities.

Use this only if you are not one to shy away from attention, as this perfume is sure to give you lots of it when you enter a room.


Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood Eau De Parfum Spray

Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood Eau De Parfum Spray

This fragrance is the work of perfumer Richard Herpin. This one too is one of the perfumes released under the Private Blend Collection and is known to have a very bold fragrance which has not been experimented before.

With a spritz, you can feel the fragrance opening up with very woodsy and spicy accords. You can definitely smell a lot of wood and cardamom in the blend which makes this one such a masculine fragrance with a feminine touch.

Although stereotypically it is known to be more of a female-oriented smell, there is no doubt about the smokey and woodsy notes making it a very alluring scent which can be donned by men. However, if carried with zest and confidence, it will work for both men and women.

If you are looking for a smooth Oud wood scent, then you may be happy to choose this one. Our hunch is, it could have been a little stronger, however, it is still a great entry level Oud fragrance. It is a wearable scent for the colder climates.


Tom Ford Amber Absolute

TOM FORD Amber Absolute Candle Height

This is another Oriental fragrance which was launched with the initial signature line in the year 2007 by Tom Ford. Amber Absolute is one of the unisex bottles that have its liking at both ends.

The product opens up with a big waft of amber, incense, and aanilla that have a really calming effect on the mind. You also have some woody middle notes that make the fragrance very versatile. This has a very unusual oreintal note which is unlike the other signature Tom Ford fragrances.

This is a really good workplace scent for women, and you can be sure it will linger in the air when you wear it. You are sure to leave a scent-trail everywhere you go. Men can wear it too if they are out on a beach day with friends or have a patio party.

Tom Ford has set a standard for the Amber Fragrances with this one and it has attracted many loyal followers as well. However, the product is not meant to last long, so this is something you will just have to deal with.


Tom Ford Private Blend Noir De Noir Eau De Parfum Spray

Tom Ford Private Blend Noir De Noir Eau De Parfum Spray Edp

Noir Denoir is another fragrance from the twelve perfumes sold under the Private Blend Collection by Tom Ford. While releasing this product, it was said to have the vibe of a collision between Yin and Yang, with a very dark and sensually awakening scent.

If you focus on the scent without any distractions, you can find a very earthy and rosey accord to the fragrance. The base notes have a lot of depth in them, and they blend really well in sort of a dark chocolate and red velvety rose base. Patchouli shines through the bold mixture and gives a very romantic feel to it, making it perfect for date nights!

This perfume is equally suitable for both men and women, being one of the unisex combinations that Tom Ford has come up with. It mostly sways toward the feminine notes that are rather dark and sexy.

If you are looking for something that can make a balance between sensual and romantic, then this is for you. However, if you do not like the overpowering Patchouli smell then you should certainly skip this one.


Tom Ford Eau de Soleil Blanc Spray

Tom Ford Eau de Soleil Blanc Spray

Nathalie Gracia-Cetto is the nose behind this sultry and floral scent which was launched in 2016 under one of the recent editions of the Private Blend Collection by Tom Ford.

You can notice the scent opening with very strong notes of Coconut, Ylang Ylang, and Tuberose. It carries a very deep and warm undertone which makes it a very admirable scent for luxurious summer days.

The product is more preferable to women due to its through-and-through feminine scent which can be noticed with even a little bit of squirt. The oriental notes in the fragrance almost bulldozes over others.

Performance-wise this product has a comparatively lasting fragrance that will not wash off easily within a couple of hours. Although, this cologne requires a very objective taste and it is not appropriate to the general liking of the Tom Ford-loving crowd.


Tom Ford Tobacco Oud

Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco Oud Eau De Parfum Spray

Another Tobacco fragrance which was also developed by the genius Olivier Gillotin and was released in the year 2013. This fragrance has been marketed as one for both men and women.

Intoxicating tobacco, oud, and whiskey can be sensed in the opening main note of the fragrance. The loud tobacco is soon followed by the spicy middle tones with a whiff or two of coriander and cinnamon. The smell is extremely sweet and bright in some spaces, while maintaining a boisterous tobacco scent throughout.

You can easily be transported into the time you opened whisky while hanging out with some of your friends, which makes this such a great scent to don when you are in a gathering, or even when you want to make a first impression in social settings.

It is a great smell all-in-all, but if you are looking for something to wear to work, then this might not be the ideal kind of fragrance to carry.


Tom Ford Fabulous EDP

Tom Ford Fabulous EDP

This is a scent which received a lot of press due to its name. It is a limited edition from Tom Ford’s Private Blend perfume line and was released in the year 2017 during the New York Fashion Week.

With bitter almond and leather shining through as the main accords of the fragrance, this is one of the bold mixes made under the Tom Ford brand. The middle notes give you a very evident presence of lavender and clary sage, and overall leaves a very nutty smell on the skin.

We have found this product to lean more toward the masculine side and is ideal for a romantic and sexy date night.

A very moderate sillage and good performance in terms of longevity is maintained by this product. Not to mention, although this is a lovable scent, it still does not seem to have been fairly priced.


Tobacco Vinelle by Tom Ford

TOM FORD Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum

Tobacco Vinelle is the work of perfumer Olivier Gillotin and was released in the year 2007. The product was aimed to cater to both men and women with leafy tobacco and sweet vanilla being the main notes as per the brand.

It opens with an oriental tobacco and boozy vanilla scent, with cacao and tonka beans lying in the middle tones, balancing the fragrance in a beautiful way. It comes off as a very masculine scent that flaunts a very dark honey note.

This is a very assertive scent that you can wear in meetings and dates, and carries amazing masculine notes, that if taken up by a woman, would ooze of boldness everywhere she takes it with herself.

It is quite certain from the texture of the fragrance that this is unlike other blends by Tom Ford. However, we do believe it is still a hit or a miss kind of a case and would only be good for the occasional whiffs.