Top 10 Best Solid Cologne 2022 for Men

The idea behind solid colognes has always leaned more toward an “on the go” kind of a fragrance. This is also the reason why many perfume lovers this seems like a compromise with quality and performance. However, it does not have to be like that.

As the perfume industry explodes and expands, the market demand for solid colognes has also seen a rise. Due to this, many fragrance companies have begun offering a wide range of solid wax colognes with the choicest and best ingredients.

Get your hands on some of the 10 Best Solid Colognes mentioned on this list and you will never have to plea bargain with worth and value.


Best Solid Cologne

Here is list for best solid colognes 2022

  • Duke Cannon Men’s Solid Cologne Redwood
  • Blazing Saddles Solid Cologne
  • Drifter Men’s Solid Cologne
  • Olivina Men Natural Fragrance Cologne
  • Mr. Gladstone Solid Cologne
  • NZ Fusion Botanicals Australian Sandalwood Solid Fragrance
  • Walton Wood Farm Solid Cologne
  • Ireland Springs Solid Cologne
  • Bearded Gentleman Executive Men’s Solid Cologne
  • Weatherbeard Solid Cologne (NOVA)


Top 10 Solid Cologne for Men 2022

Change what you think about Solid Colognes with this list of some of their best and long-lasting options on the market mentioned below.

1. Duke Cannon Men’s Solid Cologne Redwood

Duke Cannon Men's best Solid Cologne Land (Redwood Scent)

With Duke Cannon’s Solid Cologne, you get a high-quality organic wax scented with premium ingredients that are identical to the composition of any conventional perfume bottle. The best part is, you can bid adieu to the skin abrasions from when you apply perfume to your skin. This solid cologne variant has coconut oil as one of the elements in its base that nourish the skin and keep it healthy.

The rich creaminess of sandalwood blended with ingredients such as rosemary, clove bud, and a little hint of citrus brings the best masculine notes here. Throughout the fragrance, you can sense a steadiness, and you can be certain it does start cloying in the heat.

This is also one of the best performing solid cologne available on the market right now! You can make this a signature scent if you’d please.

Verdict: 4.9/5


2. Blazing Saddles Solid Cologne

Blazing Saddles Solid Cologne

This outlaw solid cologne comes in small batches of not more than 15 ml, but it is surely going to last you for a long time despite that. Some of the features that you are gifted with this product contain skin-friendly scent, delicious ingredients, and hand-made quality. If you are worried about the credibility of the product, just know it has been crafted in the US itself.

This fragrance does not have a composition that you even come across in liquid perfumes. There are some masculine and aggressive notes of elements such as sandalwood, leather, sage, and last but not least, gunpowder.

This blend brings forth a new scent for the modern man and is surprisingly refreshing too. Take out a pair of a white tee and blue jeans and turn them into a lethal combination.

Verdict: 4.7/5


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3. Drifter Men’s Solid Cologne by ulio&jack

Drifter Men's by ulio&jack, best solid cologne

Solid colognes are swooned over for their classic travel-friendly design and thereby are restricted to only tour bags. But you can take this magnificent piece of fragrance by ulio&jack almost everywhere you go, even to your office, as it has a great signature-fragrance potential to it. This brand takes pride in the fact that their wax colognes have been made without chemicals and harmful ingredients.

The primary fragrances that fill the air as the wax warms up are jojoba oil, sweet mandarin, and a hint of rich sandalwood. With a few more minutes into the fragrance, you can feel the high concentration of sandalwood oil blended carefully with leather and clove undertones.

This is certainly an out-of-the-box invention in the market for solid cologne. You may want to pair it with your office formals and shine through the important meeting you’ve been preparing for. Try not to wear it less in the warmer times as a lot of heat can turn it pungent.

Verdict: 4.7/5


4. Olivina Men Natural Fragrance Cologne

Olivina Men Natural Fragrance Cologne Bourbon Cedar

This 50g packaging by Olivina Men is hell-bent on natural and skin-friendly ingredients that have a powerful scent. The inspiration behind this blend is known to have been the American tradition of wood-aging. There is a mature fragrance that has a grip throughout the fragrance which works great for office wear, or even on a romantic date.

This wax fragrance is known to have a long-lasting performance as compared to its synthetic counterparts found on the market. The notes that have a scream to the top of their lungs here are rich cedarwood along with gorgeous vanilla finish. The product has been made to not only be gentle on the skin, but also to encourage nourishment and care with olive, hemp, and coconut oil combination.

You do not have many options in choosing the fragrance blend here, but if you simply want a

functional cologne that works for all types of skins and smells amazing, then this is your pick right here.

Verdict: 4.5/5


5. Mr. Gladstone Solid Cologne

Mr. Gladstone top Solid Cologne Cathay

With Mr. Gladstone’s Solid Cologne, you know that a little goes a long way and a very treacherous way on that. The base of this piece has been created carefully on some great elements like phenoxyethanol, shea butter, grape seed and almond oil, and many more. This combination has many benefits including, maintaining the fragrance, enhancing the notes, as well as keeping the skin happy and healthy.

There are some opening notes here that we can discuss before jumping into the sumptuous base notes. As the beeswax warms up, it invites an invigorating accord of bright and citrus notes such as bergamot and orange. This boost of freshness is followed by a rather warm and masculine bunch of notes like patchouli, jasmine, and neroli.

This is known to be among the few best solid cologne that has replaced the space for liquid perfumes. Just be a little careful with it if you have an oily skin type as it can cause body acne due to the oil lather.

Verdict: 4.4/5


6. NZ Fusion Botanicals Australian Sandalwood Solid Fragrance

NZ Fusion Botanicals Australian Sandalwood Solid Fragrance

This is a brand that swears by natural and organic ingredients in the mix they present to you. One of the things that are different about this piece is the use of Australian Certified Organic sandalwood oil. By the addition of the latter, you can judge how serious this company is in making sure your skin is not affected by their products. Moreover, this is a skin-care and lifestyle brand that understands warm and soft fragrances.

The one ingredient that stands out throughout the mix is rich and creamy sandalwood along with an exotic mix of some groundwood of the sandal tree. This company is probably one of a kind due to its inclusion of raw wood in the mix to increase the strength of the composition.

The one problem that you may face here is how quickly the cologne wears off. Maybe it is due to the light fragrance touch, or something in the concentration of the essential oils, but it just doesn’t last.

Verdict: 4.4/5


7. Walton Wood Farm Solid Cologne (The Gentleman)

Walton Wood Farm Solid Cologne (The Gentleman)

This solid cologne captures the essence of being a gentleman by not only giving some of the masculine notes to it but by also making it gentle and safe. This product is one of the best here as it is by being animal cruelty, chemical, and gluten-free. The product comes in a sizable amount of 2.5oz and has a long life due to both the packaging, and the fragrance longevity.

The ingredients that make the grand appearance in this concoction are grape seed oil, hemp oil, and the special introduction of pleasantly sweet avocado. Due to this, even women can rub a little bit of this solid cologne on their necks and wrists and smell like a freshly baked hemp muffin all day.

Although the process for this piece is unique, you cannot say the same about the fragrance. This is your regular-smelling aromatic scent that may not necessarily turn heads as much as you would like them to.

Verdict: 4.4/5


8. Ireland Springs Solid Cologne by The Beer Soap Company

Ireland Springs Solid Cologne by The Beer Soap Company

This piece is brought to you by a brand named The Beer Soap Company. Before we dig into the source of this solid cologne’s ingredients and other things, it is important to know how this brand strives in the market. So, this is an eCommerce and lifestyle brand that manufactures and resells products that run the closest to the taste and smell of Beer. This brand is known for its distinct and signature scent in their soap bars.

This brand does not use beeswax in their mixes, and instead, they put the use of vegetable waxes along with butter and oils. The fragrance you get out of this one is quite standard, nothing you haven’t smelled before. It is not daring but sweet and simple and works great for aromatherapy. So if you’re one to get stressed a lot, it may work out for you.

You can expect the fragrance to stick by for more than 4 hours straight without losing its strength. Apart from that, the way it projects on the skin also has a special place in the hearts of many of its users.


9. Bearded Gentleman Executive Men’s Solid Cologne

Bearded Gentleman Executive Men's Solid Cologne

This brand holds a niche in all things beard and solid cologne. There is a lot of attention put into creating safe and durable products that are also loved by people. Some standard, or signature,

ingredients go in most of their products. For instance, they have a huge crush on the amazing abilities of jojoba oil and have it in all their products.

This old-school solid cologne has a very simple formula but it can beat some of the finest smokey perfumes on the market, all that while being super inexpensive. There is a lot of tangy and sweet bergamot that mixes with oakmoss and patchouli for the perfect composition.

Bring back the gone golden days with this basic masculine fragrance that has a lasting effect, and has a decent following too!

Verdict: 4.2/5


10. Weatherbeard Solid Cologne (NOVA)

Weatherbeard Solid Cologne (NOVA), Best Solid Cologne 2022

If you love Abercrombie Fierce, the fierce and invigorating scent made by the well-known perfumer Christophe Laudamiel, then you will love this too. Nova by Weatherbeard runs close to that particular perfume and its citrus opening notes and woody base notes.

This fragrance is sure to bolster your personality and uplift your energies. There are some delicious opening notes of bergamot and other tangy flavors for the bright boost. While, if you go a little further you get some musky, woody, and smokey oakmoss, vetiver, and lots of Brazillian rosewood. There is a spicy accord at the base as well which gives an unexpected kick.

This is a decently performing piece but does not provide as much sillage as is expected from the spicy and warm ingredients.

Verdict: 4/5


Benefits of Using a Solid Cologne

You would be surprised by the number of benefits that can tag along by simply switching to or adding a Solid Cologne in your life. Give us the honor to take you by surprise with some of the pros listed below:


Your biggest nightmare of mistakenly breaking your favorite perfume bottles into pieces can now take the backseat, as a Solid Cologne is not a fragile beauty. And indestructible packaging means longer life as we know it.


Taking tiny boxes of steel along with yourself through your daily errands is so much easier than packing an expensive cologne bottle. You never have to worry about breaking, losing, or carrying fragrances for a usual top-up throughout the day. Simply let your minny master do the job for you in a jiffy, and toss it back into your bag once done.

Ease of Use

It is embarrassing, and albeit unprofessional and rude, to pull out a perfume bottle in your office or a casual social meet-up, to replenish your fragrance quotient when it’s dripping low. But with a solid cologne, you can hold onto a lasting fragrance without getting caught in an awkward top-up situation.


This may not come off as a big surprise, but yes, solid colognes are available on much cheaper rates on the market as compared to your regular bottle of good-quality perfume. And since you will be only dabbing only an iota of the product, it is going to last you for a longer time.


FAQs about Solid Cologne


How do you use solid cologne?

Solid Colognes are pretty much like balms, and their application is hence similar to the latter. Take a pea-size amount of your favorite cologne between your fingers and warm it up. Now, simply dab away on your pulse points like wrists, neck, or throat.


Do solid perfumes last longer?

The simple answer to this is—no. But guess what? It does not matter. Unlike the baggage carrying a perfume bottle around can bring, a solid cologne comes in a handy indestructible packaging. Therefore, anytime you feel you’re losing the fragrance, you can top it up.


How long does a solid cologne last?

Once the cologne warms up on your body, it will actively unfurl your favorite scents in the air for about 4 to 5 hours. However, it is important to know that this is just an average and the duration can increase or decrease as per the product and its quality.