How To Make Cologne Last Longer?

After a lot of trial and errors and yes and no’s, you finally found your favourite perfume; you can’t stop drooling over it. And who wouldn’t?

The only cringe is that this beauty doesn’t seem to stay longer than you expected. You do feel sad, and won’t you love it if it lasted a bit longer?

Yes, you can maximize the smell of your perfume when applied the right way. And so here are few tips we bet will make your perfume last longer.

Read on to know what all you should do and what you did wrong that made your perfume fade away.


Ways To Make Your Cologne Last Longer

Here are some tips you should know if you want that beauty to stay with you till the sun sets and the moon comes up and even till the sun rises up again.

Apply Right After Shower

Apply Right After Shower

Applying your cologne right after the shower will help it soak deep into your skin. Since your skin pores open-up after the shower, the cologne will be easily absorbed by the pores, eventually making it last longer.

You might think, why not before stepping out?

It’s a no-no because your skin pores absorb the scent of moisturizer or the body oil you apply post-shower. This closes the skin pores within some time, and the perfume you use over it will just stay on the skin surface and likely fade away sooner.


Moisturize Beforehand


Moisturize Beforehand

As you feel thirsty and need water, so does your skin. Surviving just on food isn’t how we function. So does your cologne. As soon as you pat dry your skin apply a generous amount of moisturizer and spray your favourite cologne.

This helps cologne last longer since your skin is appropriately hydrated. Dry skin will result in patches.

And if you apply moisturizer after applying your cologne, your moisturizer’s fragrance will overpower your cologne’s fragrance.


Spritz On Your Wrist


When it comes to applying perfume, let’s stick to what all our ancestors did. Spray it on your wrist.

This is because arteries and veins are closest to the wrists, and that particular area is warmer than the rest of your body.

This warmth or, say, heat will keep the cologne last long than spraying it on other parts of the body. Also, the scent will smell as it is throughout the day when applied to your wrist.

All thanks to our ancestors for this magic trick!!!


Layer The Fragrance

Layer The Fragrance

We, humans, tend to get bored quite quickly. Whether clothes or perfume, layering is quite a hot trend now.

And since body lotions, oils and soaps are available in a variety of fragrances, why not invest in something that blends well with your perfume?

Layering your perfume accurately will create a fresh scent in less time. This will make the cologne last longer within its new element.


Mistakes To Avoid

Some oh-so tiny mistakes can also make your cologne fade away sooner than you expect. Here are the few you definitely should avoid.

Don’t Rub Your Wrists

Don’t Rub Your Wrists

Yes, we said Spritz On Your Wrist, but wait, the way you rub it is a complete no-no. Rubbing your cologne on the wrist breaks down the tightly packed scent molecules.

This affects its long-lasting ability, and eventually, it will fade away sooner. Instead, let it rest on your wrist as it is.


Don’t Spray Directly on Your Clothes

Don’t Spray Directly on Your Clothes

Your favourite cologne is a bit tricky; sorry, all of them are. The concentration of all the perfumes is meant to blend deep into your skin and not with any fabric.

Your skin absorbs the scent creating a new one in itself. While your garments cannot do that and this might make your cologne fade away in the air.


Don’t Overapply

Don’t Overapply

Perfume slowly mixes with your skin. The more you apply, the darker its smell, creating a new strong scent of its own.

Overapplying the scent won’t make it last longer. Instead, it will just empty your cologne bottle. So to smell only the right way, avoid over-applying your perfume.



Fragrances are one of the most expensive beauty categories. And to sustain them is a trick.

All these tips to follow and unfollow while using your favourite scent will surely make it last longer, probably more than you expect it to be.

So make sure to spray it at the right time and at the right place, and yes, obviously in the appropriate proportion as we just stated above.

You just might discover how much you love your scent in its new element!!!