How To Make Your Own Cologne?

Since experiments and DIYs are new trends now, why can’t you do something for your cologne?

Why spend a good lot of your savings on all those luxury branded perfumes when you can make them all at home by investing some of your time?

We understand the hows and whats of cologne making can seem daunting, but we have got your back.

Also, you are obviously going to create a new scent of your own and won’t need to wear scent that everyone does around you.

So take these notes and create customized perfumes that reflect your personality with ease.


Materials You’ll Need

Since perfumes are a mixture of various essential oils, alcohol, and water, the proportion always matters the most. Here are the things you will need to create your own cologne at home.

Vodka: 2-½ ounces


A higher proportion of alcohol in the cologne will make it easier to blend your favorite essential oils and increase its longevity. It breaks down perfume ingredients and merges all the essential oils and aromas effortlessly.

It will make the fragrance smell stronger. Also, perfumes with a higher amount of alcohol won’t need more essential oils.


Your favorite essential oils: 20 to 30 drops

essential oils

Essential oils, specifically fragrant oils, works wonder to create perfumes at home. Choose your favorite fragrance oils from a variety of options available in the market.

If confused, you can get bergamot, lemon, petitgrain, lavender, and rosemary.

These are the same oils that most luxury branded perfumes use to create a unique long-lasting fragrance. These all blend with easy together and so won’t be of an issue.


Distilled water or Springwater: 2 tablespoons

Distilled water

No one wants allergies, so make sure to have distilled water or spring water when making your own cologne.

Essential oils and alcohol in perfumes can be harsh on your skin. Water will lessen the drying effect, eventually making your cologne skin-friendly even for sensitive skin.

Do not add tap water, as it can make your perfume fade away sooner.


Glycerine: 2 to 3 drops


You don’t want your DIY cologne to fade away or evaporate before you even show it off to your tribe. And so, adding glycerine to it is essential.

Just adding two to three drops of glycerine to your essential oil perfume will delay its evaporation process.

It also promotes easy absorption into your skin, eventually making it last longer.

These are the four things you will need to pick up on your way to the store to create a unique fragrance at your home.

Apart from this, you will also need a fancy glass bottle to put your cologne, a glass jar for mixing fragrances, measuring cups and spoons, a dropper to add glycerine and essential oils, a funnel, aluminum foil, pencil, and paper to not miss on any of the steps.

So now next step is to know what you need to blend and how much you need to blend. Read on to learn how to make your DIY cologne with ease.


How to DIY your own cologne?

To begin with, the procedure, make sure you have all the materials mentioned above by your side. This will help you mix them all in appropriate proportion and time duration.

You can choose your favorite fragrance oils or go with the ones mentioned above if you are confused.

The first step is to add 20 drops of bergamot oil, six drops of lemon oil, two drops of petitgrain oil, one drop of lavender, and rosemary scent to the glass jar. Then add vodka in the mentioned proportion.

Mix them for a couple of minutes and then let it settle for approximately 48 hours to six weeks with a closed lid. This will help the molecules bind easily together, and the scent will eventually change over time.

The next step is to add distilled water or spring water and glycerine. Now shake the bottle to mix the perfume.

Smell your fragrance, and then pour it into the fancy bottle you bought for your DIY perfume by using a funnel ( you don’t want to spill your collection, obviously).

Just know that if you are using a clear bottle, cover it with aluminum foil or wrapping paper. This is because you will have to protect the fragrance from light, or it may just evaporate sooner than you can imagine.

P.S: Don’t forget to label that beauty a fancy name that reflects your creativity.


How can I make my fragrance mist last longer?

fragrance mist last longer

We surely want a fragrance that lasts longer, so here are some tips that will increase your favorite perfume’s longevity.

Since you already are using glycerine, your perfume has the longevity any luxury perfume would have had. However, using it the right way can make you smell fresh for a longer duration.

Apply appropriately

Apply appropriately

Perfume’s longevity can be increased with ease when applied soon after a shower. We say this because, after a bath, skin pores are open, and perfume sinks deep into your skin.

This will make your DIY perfume last longer.


Moisturize well

Moisturize well

Moisturizing your skin before applying scent will protect your skin from allergies, and your skin will easily lock-in the fragrance.

However, you need to make sure your skincare products do not have a strong fragrance.

This is because the fragrance of skincare products will mix your cologne’s scent, and the fragrance might change.


Spritze on Pulse points

Scents tend to react with heat, which increases their longevity. And there’s no better option than pulse points.

You can spray it on your wrists, neck, back of ears, and inner elbow.

This way, your DIY perfume will stay with you throughout the day and keep you smelling fresh and fabulous.



It’s great to see you have come a long way, and you are surely dedicated to this craft.

Using these materials and following the steps the right way, you will create a perfume that smells good and lasts long.

However, it is still essential to spray it the right way, as mentioned above. Hope you create your signature scent just the way you want.

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