How To Apply Solid Cologne

It’s 2022, and solid perfumes are all the rage. Are you wondering what a ‘solid perfume’? Want to get in on this trend? We’ve got you sorted.

Solid perfumes are basically perfumes that are in their solid-state rather than the liquid. It’s as simple as that.

These solid perfumes are super fun to use, and an added benefit is that you can play around with multiple fragrance notes after it has returned to its liquid state.

Are you intrigued by this? You should be. Solid perfumes are now everyone’s go-to in the cologne collection.

Here’s a fun blog we’ve put together for you. It’s everything you need to know about solid perfumes, how to use them & other fun things you can do with them!

Read on to know more.


What Is A Solid Cologne?

Solid Cologne

Solid perfumes are also known as cream perfumes. They are not that new a concept as you may think. They were technically invented and used way back in the Egyptian era. They are perfumes that are sold in their solid-state and not the liquid. Solid perfumes are super easy to carry around as they come in the form of lip balms, small bottles, or tubes. All you’ve got to do is gently rub it on your skin, perhaps under your ears or wrists, and give it a rub. It is most commonly apple don these areas as they are warm pulsating points, and thus the scent gets activated. The smell also absorbs and mixes with your own natural odor, giving you a personal appeal.

Are you still surprised that this trend is one of the hottest in the fragrance industry?

They are made without the addition of a liquid mix of alcohol or water. Solid perfumes are sold in the form of Eau de perfume, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, scented water, essential oils, pomander Chypre Fougère and others of the same kind. They are quite substantial when compared to liquid perfumes as they are not diluted or mixed with a liquid blend of alcohol or even water. For this main reason, solid perfumes are trending big as they are strong, easy to carry around, and fun to create new smells with.

Give solid perfumes a try, and we’re sure you’ll love them!


What Are The Benefits of Using Solid Cologne?

Using solid colognes on an everyday basis has plenty of benefits.

Let’s read on to see what they are & how the use of solid colognes can benefit you.



One of the best features of solid perfumes is that it is small, lightweight, and easy to carry around. Be it while travelling from one place to another, or even if you’d just like to have a solid perfume in your pocket to reapply it later in the day.

Just throw it in your gym bag or your purse, and voila! You’re ready to go. Portability is hands-down of the best features of a solid perfume. It prevents breakage, leakage and is so much safer than a liquid perfume. The convenience is of it is impressive.




It is pretty apparent that solid colognes are much safer when compared to liquid perfumes. No matter you dump them in a gym bag, your suitcase full of clothes, or even a purse, solid perfume is sure to have long-lasting durability.

When they are sold, they are usually packed in a small metal tin, improving their long-lasting durability chances. You can count on it to never cause breakage or leakage even if you drop it on the floor. It will stay as good as new.




Another great feature of solid perfumes that makes them such a hit in the masses is that it offers them great privacy. You must be confused about what we mean by that. Imagine you’re sitting in a conference room & suddenly take out perfume to start spraying it all over. Weird, isn’t it? Here come’s a solid perfume to the rescue. Just take a swab and apply it on either your wrist or under your earlobe.

Gain attention without gain attention! How cool is that!


Skin Friendly:

Skin Friendly

Solid perfumes are super skin-friendly. Since they are not diluted with a liquid mix of alcohol or even water, for that matter, they come across as light. As alcohol is a drying agent, its deprivation in a solid cologne makes it superb when applied to your skin. Instead of alcohol, in solid colognes, they most often prefer using essential oils, butter, or cream, which in turn moisturizes the skin leaving it smelling good and even feeling healthier. If you are someone with sensitive skin, opting for solid colognes may be the answer to all your cologne-related problems.


How To Apply Solid Cologne?

Solid perfumes are so easy to apply that they will amaze you. They usually come in the form of a balm or a solid metal bottle. Take the tip of your finger and gently rub it on your skin. Areas under your ear lobes or wrists are the perfect place.  After applying it, give it a rub. It is most commonly used in these areas as they are warm pulsating points.

In these areas, the scent gets activated due to body warmth. The smell also absorbs and mixes with your own natural odor, giving you a personal touch of your own body. You can easily apply a solid cologne as and when you are on the go. Using cologne on these areas makes the solid perfume work for longer hours and leaves a long-lasting effect on your body.

Give them a try, and we’re sure you will be obsessed with it just as much as we are!



Solid colognes are not a new concept and are dated way back to the ancient era. But it is only now that we know how effective, easy & fun it is to use them. Not only are they practical and easy to use but also safe. If you are a person who is a tad bit clumsy and is prone to break things, a solid cologne is something that you need to own. It’ll leave you smelling your best while removing any chances of breakage and spillage.

We hope you had a fun read. Go get your solid cologne and enjoy the fun perks of it now! Hurry!