How Much Does It Cost To Get Fake Nails (Type and Prices)

Getting fake or acrylic nails is probably one of the easiest ways to look glamorous without any extensive effort. A quick trip to the salon can save you from your unkempt or small nails.

But do acrylic nails drill a hole into your pocket? The final prices may differ on the basis of your area or the services required by you. However, they may range from $35 to $45. You must also expect additional costs for gel nails or dip powder nails, ranging from $45 to $55. White or pink nails might even cost you $60.

That was the average cost, but there is much more to it. We shall explain a complete breakdown of the fake nails and their pricing in the following article.


Types of False Nails and their Prices

As we mentioned earlier, several different types of false nails are priced differently.

We shall explain the top four types of false nails along with their approximate cost.


1. Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails contain a combination of powder polymer and liquid monomer. This paste is bonded to your nail, where it sets within 30 seconds and hardens within 15 minutes.

Before it hardens, the nails are given the desired shape, length, and thickness.

These kinds of false nails are said to be the thickest and most durable out of all the artificial nails. They last for six to eight weeks, including the frequent visit to the salon once every three weeks to fill in the growth.

Acrylic nails have a negative reputation because it is believed that they cause permanent damage to the nails. This is true if you get them done with somebody who doesn’t carry any expertise.

If you want to make the best use of acrylic nails, get them done and removed by a professional. Moreover, maintain enough gaps between two different acrylic sets to help rejuvenate your nails and keep them healthy.

Cost: $35 – $60


2. Gel Nails

Gel Nails

Gel nails contain polymer resin that is hardened under ultraviolet light. It includes the process of applying hard gel to the nail and curing it with UV light.

Not only are these nails more flexible, but they also look more natural, as compared to acrylic nails. However, they might not be as durable as acrylic nails.

Gel nails contain a three-level process. It starts off with brushing a base coat, then with nail polish, and ending it with a top coat over the natural nails.

After each coating, the nail is subjected to UV light for 30 seconds to dry. Once the layer hardens, it doesn’t smudge like regular nail paint.

Gel nails provide a glossy finish. You can either use them on your natural nails or invest in nail extensions, also known as tips.

Gel nails also need to be filled every four weeks. With proper care, they can last up to three weeks without any signs of chipping.

Along with the UV light-cured gels, no-light gels have also been developed.

You can quickly remove them as well by placing an acetone-dipped cotton ball over the nails and wrapping them with aluminum foil. This is kept for 10 minutes, after which the gel polish is removed.

Regular gel manicures might cause cracking, peeling, and brittleness. However, you can lessen your chances of succumbing to that by maintaining proper intervals and getting it done by professionals.

Cost: $45 minimum


3. Sculptured Nails

Sculptured nails are often confused with acrylic nails. But there is a minute difference between the two.

While both acrylic and sculptured nails are applied by gluing the nail tip to the natural nails, the difference lies in the appearance.

Sculptured nails have an eye-catching shape that can be customized as per your desired length and shape.

These types of nails are either applied with acrylic material or fiberglass gel. These nails must also be filled in regularly to maintain the shape and length of the nail.

Cost: $40 minimum


4. Dip Powder Nails

Dip powder nails are best for busy women who cannot afford to visit nail salons frequently. They are lighter and more time-efficient as compared to acrylic nails.

The process starts with dipping each finger into a finely-milled powder. The excess powder is brushed off and set with a clear polish.

The steps are repeated till the nails are coated completely. Finally, the nails are sealed with a gel top coat and are kept under a fan dryer.

These types of nails are also known as SNS nails.

If it is done by a professional, dip powder nails last for four weeks without chipping. If you have opted for a DIY way, you can expect them to last for two weeks.

Cost: $30 minimum


5. Silk Wrap Nails

Even though silk wrap nails peaked in the 1980s, they have made a powerful comeback.

As evident from the name, your nails get wrapped with pieces of silk to create elegant nails. These pieces of silk are applied to shorter nails to enhance the overall aesthetic element.

These types of false nails are best for treating weak and brittle nails.

They aren’t as durable as the other types of false nails. On average, they last up to 2 weeks. But they are easier to apply, easier to remove, and cause less damage to the nails.

Cost: $20 minimum


Are Fake Nails Worth It?

Fake Nails

This is a very subjective question that depends on several factors. For example, how much money are you willing to shell? Or, how often are you willing to get fake nails. Or, where are you planning on getting it done?

Pros of Fake Nails

  1. They work as confidence boosters.
  2. You can get classy and stylish nails without much effort.
  3. You can create a stunning outfit by matching your nails with your attire.
  4. You can stop yourself from biting your nails.


Cons of Fake Nails

  1. If done improperly, they can cause infections.
  2. They are expensive.
  3. They can be time-consuming.

All in all, fake nails are a personal choice, but we ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM.

Our only advice is it is best to get them done by a professional. This will help get picture-perfect nails as well as some pampering.



Is it healthy to wear fake nails?

Fake nails are not going to harm your natural nails. But some people might experience a kind of infection due to an allergic reaction to a particular component.


Can I shower with acrylic nails?

Yes, you can shower with your acrylic nails. But you must not let them be wet for a long period. Dry them as soon as you step out of the shower to avoid any damage.


Final Note

Like it or hate it- fake nails have their audience, and they are here to stay! They work as an excellent confidence booster and can instantly rejuvenate your mood with a simple stroke.

Select the type of fake nails according to the time factor, cost, and desired results. Treat yourself to the salon and let the pop of colors take over your overall aura.