How Many Sprays of Cologne? (Explained By Professionals)

With many miss conceptions and a lot of confusion, most people end up emptying the cologne bottle sooner than they would if they had accurate information.

By spraying a large amount of cologne before stepping out, you are not just wasting it, but you are also likely to smell a bit irritating than its original fragrance.

Approximately two to five sprays of colognes are enough, but dispensing on the type of your cologne, accurate sprays may vary.

If you regularly apply cologne, read on to know how many sprays of cologne should you use to keep smelling fresh throughout the day.


How Many Sprays of Cologne Should you Apply?

How Many Sprays of Cologne Should you Apply

You exactly know where to apply your cologne, but using it in the appropriate proportion as well is extremely essential. This is because the number of sprays can make a cologne good or bad.

If you own a light cologne that has a non-discernible smell, spraying five times is necessary. You just need to make sure you spray it near your skin. It will help the cologne sink deep into your skin, eventually increasing its longevity after application.

In case you are using men’s cologne since they are dense, 3 or 4 sprays will be enough. Spraying more than that can lead to an overwhelming scent you want to avoid.

On the other hand, moderate colognes should also be sprayed three or four times. The concentration of moderate colognes often has a strong flowery or fruity fragrance. Spraying beyond that, you will likely make you smell like a garden.

And if you are a fan of dark or heavy colognes with an erotic smell, make sure not to spray more than two times. The fragrance, once sprayed, lasts longer and can get overpowering if you spray it more than that.

Make sure while using heavy colognes, you spray it from a distance. It is highly concentrated, and you don’t want it to be irritating you and people around you throughout the day.

If you are respraying your cologne, no matter what you are using, two sprays are always more than enough—spraying more than that can indeed create a daunting scent.

Now that you know how much to apply, here’s the right way to apply your cologne for better longevity.


How to Apply the Cologne the Right Way?

There are various tactics that you can use to apply the cologne the right way. Depending on the fragrance of your colognes and sprays mentioned above, here’s every right way you should know to apply the cologne.

Rather than spraying it all in one place, dividing all sprays equally will be beneficial. Remember to consider pulse points, as it increases cologne’s longevity.

Mild Fragrance

Mild Fragrance

Since you know, five sprays are recommended for mild or light colognes, spray one behind your every ear, on both sides of your collars, and the last one on your neck.

It’s not directly in the front, so it will not be irritating even for you or distract you since the proportion is a bit more. These are the places that will sweat more, and even if you hug someone, you won’t be smelling bad.

Also, it is recommended at the back of your neck because as you pass by, its fragrance will leave your mark behind.


Moderate Fragrance

Moderate Fragrance

Your fragrance is neither too strong nor too light, so three or four sprays are just perfect. Spray it one behind your left ear, one behind your right, and one on the back of the neck.

So you won’t be irritating people around you with overwhelming scent, nor will people miss out on your presence around the room.

Whether you are traveling in flight, train, or car, or just heading straight to work, this is the perfect proportion and body parts you can spray your scent.


Heavy Fragrances

Heavy Fragrances

Two sprays of heavy cologne are more than enough to have a long-lasting scent throughout the day, no matter where you go. So spray it behind both your ears.

It will likely be long-lasting without leaving a dominating smell everywhere you go. Too many dense colognes will probably make you look old, so make sure to divide two sprays equally like this.

Also, you don’t need to reapply it throughout the day.

Apart from this, no matter how strong or mild your cologne is, avoid using a lot of scented skincare products. Using scented skincare products will affect the colognes scent.



Now you probably know the answer of how many sprays your favorite cologne will need to last longer everywhere you go.

We are sure these tips will help you make the most out of your favorite scent that you have invested a significant amount.

Hope now you won’t be wasting even a single drop with appropriate sprays as mentioned above.