How Long Does a Bottle of Cologne Last?

Sense of smell is the most powerful human sense. And every scent intimidates an individual differently.

Finding a perfect scent that matches your personality is the second most challenging thing, while how long it will last still remains the first.

The bottle of your favourite cologne can just last up to three or four months for you, while it is supposed to last for years.

This varies depending on how you use and store it. While you plan to get it all right, here’s everything you should know about using your favourite cologne in a way to use it most.


Shelf Life of a Perfume

Life Of A Perfume

Perfume manufacturers tend to have a bit different opinions on the shelf life of a perfume. And all of them are equally considerable because every perfume has different elements which some or the other way impacts its shelf life.

Perfumes don’t have a fixed shelf life. In contrast, some can last up to two to three years, while some won’t expire even after four years.

Perfumes don’t go rancid like food. You can use it even after that. However, the perfume’s longevity post-application might defer after three or four years.

But perfume manufacturers do say a perfume can last even after ten years. But average shelf life for all fragrances, in general, can be anything between five to six years.

As mentioned that the elements and concentration have an impact on its shelf life. Perfumes with heavier base notes like cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla, and many more are likely to last the longest compared to lighter base notes.

Perfumes with heavier base notes are like wine. They keep getting better and better with age, such as perfumes with amber, cedarwood, sandalwood, and patchouli.

On the other hand, perfumes with light base notes like citrus, florals, and fruity fragrances often have a longer shelf life than three or four years. You can still use them, but the longevity might vary.

Apart from elements used in perfume, shelf-life also depends on how perfumes are preserved or say stored. If you keep perfumes correctly, they will last longer than their actual shelf-life.


How Many Sprays Does a Cologne Bottle last?

How Many Sprays Does a Cologne Bottle last

A cologne bottle can last up to a year or years. But this all depends on how you use it.

For example, if you have a 100 ml bottle, it means you have 800 sprays. So if you apply a single spray twice a day, the bottle will last up to 400 days ( if not evaporated, obviously).

But we agree it’s not always just a single spray. This leads us to conclude that approximately a 100 ml bottle will only last you 10 or 11 months and not more.

So basically, you always had more than enough perfume, but the habit of multiple sprays for single-use leads to emptying a $40 bottle in two or three months. This does feel sad, right readers?

However, your favorite perfume only goes bad when it’s misplaced somewhere in the house.

But when you finally find it, it’s the best feeling in the world unless it smells different than what it is supposed to. But then how to know if your favorite perfume has gone bad?

Here’s your answer!!!


How To Tell When Perfume Has Gone Bad?

Perfume does not expire within a short span. They have a pretty long shelf life. But when it does, your sense of smell will quickly let you know that this beauty is no more.

To check if it’s safe enough to use, here’s what you can do.

Check The Smell

Check The smell

Yes, it’s an obvious one. You are going to smell your perfume, but how to know if it’s not the same anymore? Here’s the trick.

If your perfume smells like vinegar or an oil factory, it has probably gone bad. Many perfumes contain vegetable oils and essential oils that expire over a period of time when not stored properly.

This creates a stinky odor of itself. Since every perfume has a different concentration, the smell will largely differ. Only you know the actual smell of perfume, and so you will likely figure out if something is fishy inside it.


Activate your Eyesight

Activate your Eyesight

Your eyes can never be fooled. Looking closely at a bottle of your perfume will help you understand quite well if it’s the same.

If a perfume goes bad, you will likely notice a slight colour change. For example, if your perfume looks like a transparent pink liquid and now starts looking something more like a dark red, you know it’s gone mad.

This will vary depending upon the perfume’s concentration and the elements used in it.

These are two ways you can check if the perfume is still safe to use. However, the expiry date is always a good idea to check.

But perfumes can sometimes still work well post expiry date. So check if the smell is the same, or the concentration looks just like it did when you bought it.

Just remember to do a patch test before applying it.


Does Perfume Ever Expire?

Just like any other beauty or personal hygiene products, perfume as well can expire. But that largely depends on its concentration and the brand.

As we already said, it depends on how you have stored and used it most of the time. As Palleez quotes, “Perfumes do not fade in intensity, but the scent tends to become oxidized, sour, sometimes acidic or metallic or with notes of plastic.”

So perfume bottles are specifically designed to avoid too much oxygen getting inside the bottle. If you do not store it well, it will likely evaporate.

If stored the right way, most of the perfumes will indeed work well even after the expiry date mentioned on its label.

So the question arises how to preserve and extend the shelf life of your favorite luxury perfume? And can you really do it?


Can I Prevent Perfume From Expiring?

Well, the answer is yes. You can prevent your perfume from expiring and can even extend its shelf-life.

The only way is to store it right, is away from direct sunlight, in a cool dark place.

Keeping it away from direct sunlight can help you prevent it from oxidation and expiring in a colder place than your room temperature.

Sunbath and suntan might just look too good on you, but it’s not the same for these beauties. Sunlight will likely break the molecule of the fragrance. This affects the overall concentration of perfume.

It also affects the perfume’s consistency, which will make it prone to oxidation. Storing colognes in a dark place helps maintain the actual concentration and even prevents it from oxidation.

So keep it in a closed cupboard in their original perfume box even if it’s about to go empty. This will help you make the most out of your purchase.

Next time when you step out with the perfume, don’t forget it on your bed or any brighter place.


Final Verdict

So yes, that was all you need to know about your favorite perfume you have invested a lot in. Saving your perfume from going bad is directly proportional to preserving it right.

Finding a scent is a long trail of trial and error.

But once you find the one, you should be extra-extra careful with it. Don’t blame us for exaggerating, but when a favorite scent goes bad, it will surely make you senti.

This leaves us with just one choice, making it last the longest till you spray the last drop of it while stepping out.