Can You Wear A Denim Jacket With Jeans?

Denim jackets have a rich history. From Levi Strauss, whose creation baby is denim jackets, to artists like Bruce Springsteen and John Lennon, who popularised it- it is a legend in the fashion industry.

Presently, you will find denim jackets in almost every clothing store, in every size, for everyone. It is incredibly versatile, giving you the freedom to pair it with everything- skirts, dresses, pants, and even jeans.

But how should you make the most of it while wearing something as simple as jeans? Well, this question will be thoroughly answered in the following article. Provided that, let us begin this fashionable journey.


How Should You Style Your Denim Jacket with Jeans?

We follow a basic thumb rule in the fashion industry- while creating an outfit, consider everything- from the nails to the pants.

Similarly, if you want to successfully pull off the casual denim-jacket-with-jeans outfit, you’ll have to focus on the minute details.

Let us start with the color of the denim jacket.


1. Shades of Denim

Denim Jacket

Here’s a fun fact- there are approximately 24 shades of denim. Some of the most prominent shades are Indigo black, Dark denim, Worn denim, Neon denim, etc.

It is a common misconception that all kinds of denim jackets will look good on everybody. However, we are here to put a stop to that thought.

The wrong color of denim jacket can significantly distract others from your face and make you seem either dull or flashy.

While considering denim jackets, pay close attention to the color.

If you want a jacket that will go with anything and everything, we recommend the iconic washed-and-faded blue denim jacket.

If you want to try something new, you must check your skin tone as well as hair color.

People with light hair with a light skin tone must opt for a lighter denim jacket. You can also go with a darker wash if you have blonde hair with deeper roots.

On the other hand, if you have dark hair with a light skin tone, we suggest a darker wash denim jacket.

We recommend navy blue denim jackets if you have dark skin, irrespective of the hair color.

Lastly, for all the redheads out there, you can go with a light or mid-tone wash denim jacket. It will help you bring out the hue of your hair color by complimenting your jacket.


2. Shade of Jeans

Jeans Shades

Once you have selected the color of your denim jacket, it is time to match it with your jeans.

There should be a good amount of contrast between the denim jacket and the jeans. While you might be tempted to match the two pieces, we strongly suggest otherwise. It would just make you look like you are wearing a weird kind of blue suit.

Opt for a darker shade of jacket with a lighter shade of jeans and vice versa.

You can also wear any shade of denim jacket with black jeans. Pair it with a plain white t-shirt, and you are good to step out in style.

If you are like one of us who live for black, you can also pair your black denim jacket with black jeans. If you want some contrast, you can complete the look with a pair of white sneakers.

Overall, do not go down the matchy-matchy lane. Throw in some contrast while choosing your denim jacket and rock that casual look.


3. Shade of T-shirt

Shade of T-shirt

Well, you can’t just expect to roam around in your denim jacket and jeans, can you? You need to pair it up with a t-shirt.

This aspect has a lot of liberty to it. You can select any given color of t-shirt that you can find in your closet, except for denim blue, of course.

Be it white, black, grey, yellow, orange, purple, burgundy– anything and absolutely anything will go underneath a denim jacket and jeans.

Women can wear crop tops as well to create a chic look. They can also wear a white or black bralette to create a runway look for a more fashionable choice.


4. Shade of Shoes

Shade of Shoes

This is a no-brainer. Whenever we think of a denim jacket, our almost-instant reflex is to pick out sneakers.

The best shades of shoes are white, black, grey, blue, and brown. If you feel adventurous, you can try red shoes as well.

Apart from sneakers, you can also go with boots, loafers, and other types of dress shoes. It all depends on your style and the event you are attending.



Is it OK to wear double denim?

Pulling off double denim can be challenging, but you can do it easily by adding a pop of contrast. Never choose the same shades of denim. Instead, pair light and darker shades to create an iconic look.


What pants do I wear with a jean jacket?

If you do not want to wear jeans, chinos are the best option for wearing with a jean jacket. You can choose from varying shades like brown, beige, tan, etc.



The combination of a denim jacket with jeans is here to stay. Pair it with the right shades, and you will get the perfect look with minimal effort.

Do consider all the aspects of the outfit and feel free to use the aforementioned article as your reference. We shall be back with more of such informative articles on fashion and style so stay tuned!