Best Burberry Cologne for Men and Women 2022

Are you looking to add some depth and lure to your personality without saying a word? Try a Burberry cologne. Burberry scents can feel like a love affair, and you fall deeper in love with every whiff of the amazing aromatic and woody accords.

If you are looking for fragrances that are symphony to your nose then Burberry is an option you cannot miss out on. They are timeless and there is also no age to wear or not wear these fragrances. We took some time out to establish this case by reviewing the 10 Best Burberry Colognes for you, but first, a little bit of history.


History of Burberry Colognes

The fashion catalyst Burberry Design House was founded by the late Thomas Burberry in 1856 and is understood to be synonymous to luxury now. Many avid followers of this brand argue that each product from this brand costs a dime because of qualities like detailing and eye for the best fabrics and ingredients.

Burberry gave rise to several new fashion statements which include the iconic trench-coats and even the popular tartan motifs that the market couldn’t help but replicate. If you’re still in a very dilemma about the recognition of this brand then consider this – the British Royal Family granted a Royal Warrant to Burberry in 1955 and 1989, which the brand continues to carry.

This innovative hub of expertise also set its sails for a perfume empire within the year 1995 with its first ever fragrance named, Burberry for Men, with Inter Parfums. The Designer Burberry perfume collection holds 81 sorts of perfumes with the latest editions coming within the year 2019.

The Burberry Colognes are made with the collaboration of perfumers like Jean-Marc Chaillan, Beatrice Piquet, Domitille Michalon Bertier, Michel Girard, Jean-Pierre Bethouart and Nathalie Lorson, and plenty of others.


Best Burberry Cologne

Here is the list of best Burberry cologne for men and women

  1. BURBERRY for Men Eau de Toilette
  2. Burberry My Burberry Eau de Parfum for Her
  3. BURBERRY Weekend Eau De Parfum for Women
  4. BURBERRY Brit Rhythm Men Eau De Toilette
  5. BURBERRY Touch Eau de Toilette for Him
  6. Burberry Women’s Classic Eau de Parfum
  7. BURBERRY London Eau De Toilette for Men
  8. BURBERRY Brit Eau De Toilette for Him
  9. BURBERRY Brit Sheer Eau de Toilette for Her
  10. BURBERRY The Beat Eau De Toilette for Men


Top 10 Burberry Colognes 2022

We have mentioned some of the best Burberry Colognes in the below list for you to choose your favorite luxury scent from:

1. BURBERRY Men’s Classic Eau de Toilette

Best BURBERRY for Men Eau de Toilette cologne

The classic scent by Burberry that sways millions to its harmonious notes was revealed in 1995, paving the way to making Burberry Cologne a niche of its own. This fragrance was the brain-baby of Creations Aromatiques and Michel Almairac and was very well-received for its woody and aromatic accords.

The citrusy and woody spiciness is extremely noticeable in this classic Burberry. The aromatic and fresh spicy accord of Cedar, Bergamot, Mint and others strike a great balance between spicy as well as green notes. This is truly a masterpiece in the perfume world.

This is a great day scent, and as the name suggests, men are the exclusive beneficiaries of this pioneering fragrance. You can wear this scent on a regular basis, no matter what occasion.

Since this is the first work under the Burberry Colognes you can definitely expect a unique scent that lasts for a long time. There is surely a reason why this fragrance is still widely accepted and celebrated within the luxury-cologne world.


2. BURBERRY My Burberry Eau de Parfum for Her

BURBERRY My Burberry Eau de Parfum for Her

The iconic My Burberry fragrance entered the market in 2014 and was largely inspired by the trench-coat craze the brand has set in the world. This fragrance embodies the essence of womanhood with floral accords. This piece has entered the top luxurious fragrances that women are fond of.

You get the burst of floral notes with the first whiff and it just gets better. Sweet Pea, Damask Rose, and Vanilla are some of the primary notes that make the whole scent so worthwhile. However, you can be sure this is not the regular annoying girly smell, but rather a fresh and confident one.

Very similar to the classic perfume for men, this can be worn in the day time for any and every event of your choice. The flowery notes are great for a quick refreshing burst before you’re heading for a long and tiring workday.

Holding up to its image, My Burberry is one of the most premium fragrances offered under the brand and has a considerably good performance and sillage. This simple yet elegant scent is great for women of all ages.


3. BURBERRY Weekend Eau De Parfum for Women

BURBERRY Weekend Eau De Parfum for Women

This fragrance was introduced in 1997, and the nose behind it is perfumer Nathalie Lorson. The invention has Iris, Nectarine, Peace, and Wild Rose and the heart notes. It is known to be a relaxing country-style perfume.

With a little whiff, you can experience a burst of floral notes and fruity notes that truly have their way in softening up your vibe. It all starts with the Tangerine and Sap Greeness, and goes to the heart notes of amazing Wild Rose and Peace amongst others.

This is an ideal spring perfume for women to wear in the daytime, this is due to how strong the fragrance is. With some of the fruity and floral notes standing in the background, it allows a positive day ahead.

The great thing about this product which is much discussed is how it fits right many. If you are looking for a decent luxury fragrance on a budget, then you might as well consider the Burberry Weekend for Women.


4. BURBERRY Brit Rhythm Men Eau De Toilette

BURBERRY Brit Rhythm Men cologne

There are several noses behind this perfume namely, Dominique Ropion, Anne Flipo and Olivier Polge. The product was launched in 2013 and was introduced as a Leather Fragrance for men. According to the brand, the top notes of the piece consists of Basil and Cardamom.

Basil and berries can be picked up easily with the opening of the fragrance. You also get a little touch of cardamom for the spice kick. Some warm notes like Tonka Beans and Leather really push the envelope here too.

This is a night scent for men as it contains very strong aromas that have very warm and smokey notes. You can say this is ideal for an evening dinner with some friends and family, or even a special someone.

The product lasts for a considerable amount of time, but is not the kind of smell that sticks by you throughout the day. According to us, this is a very moderate performer in terms of both longevity and sillage so don’t expect it to effuse in the entire room when you walk in.


5. BURBERRY Touch Eau de Toilette for Him

BURBERRY Touch Eau de Toilette for Him

The year 2000 saw the release of this perfume that was coined as a combination of woody, floral, and musky scent. The nose behind this concoction was Jean-Pierre Bethouart. There is a female-only variant of this piece as well.

The main notes in this fragrance are undoubtedly Violet Leaf and Green Mandarin. You cannot escape the oriental fruity notes that can turn really make your presence very evident within a crowd. The pepper and cedar notes when blended into this mix do the work of making it a muskier smell ideal for men.

This is a really good work fragrance for men. If you are looking to add a musky touch to your personality, and come across as assertive and bold to your peers then this is the smell for you. It is more ideal if your office is situated in a warm climate.

The performance of this variant is well-established as it lasts a little longer than 8 hours, which is a whole day at work. It is not too overpowering, while quietly maintaining a class and presence that is noticeable with its sillage.


6. BURBERRY Women’s Classic Eau de Parfum

BURBERRY Women's Classic Eau de Parfum

This is the women-oriented classic fragrance by Burberry that was launched in 1995 by the nose, Michel Almairac. The fragrance is classified to be the choice of a simple and charming woman, and contains an accord of many fruity and flowery notes.

Peach and Vanilla notes are very evident in this combination. It is a great blend of relaxed, cuddly, and seductive, and makes the wearer feel confident in their own beauty. Cedar and Sugar turn this accord into an ideal scent for a woman.

If you are a woman who loves a fruity and bubbly note to their scents, then this is for you. This is a really good day perfume, and can be really boisterous for the nighttime. Many women swear by it for their girls night outs.

The lasting power of this fragrance is a little something to complain about, however, you can really enjoy the sillage it spreads if the longevity can be excused.


7. BURBERRY London Eau De Toilette for Men

BURBERRY London Eau De Cologne for Men

This oriental spicy fragrance hit the market in the year 2006 and was compiled by the nose named Antoine Maisondieu. It was introduced as a warm fragrance for men that does not overpower your senses but enhances your personality.

The main players here are definitely Tobacco and Leather. The floral note from Lavender and the sweetness of Resins stand their ground in the background. Right from the opening of the scent you can experience a great accord of warm and sweet notes that make for a really relaxing retreat.

A casual stroll in the the country ending with a couple of beers in your hands is the kind of ideal vibe that connects with this fragrance. This piece is ideal for men to don on a breezy, yet humid, evening. This is a great holiday-scent too!

The only down-side of this really good-smelling cologne is that it does not have an up-to-the-mark performance in terms of how long it lasts. You will barely be able to sniff it on your clothes after an hour or so.


8. BURBERRY Brit Eau De Toilette for Him

BURBERRY Brite Cologne for Men

This is known as the perfect scent that coincides with the traditional English spirit. The nose behind this fragrance is Antoine Maisondieu who also happened to mix the London variant of this. The product was launched in the year 2004.

The main note of this fragrance is very warm spicy with all ingredients like Ginger, Wild Rose, and Tonka Beans emerging as the stars of the show. You also get the boost of the citrusy note from the Green Mandarin.

This is a stubborn scent that gives the impression of behaviors like resilience and struggle. This is a scent you would imagine your grandfather wearing, as he goes on to tell you the things of the past. Due to the warm texture, this turns out to be a decent scent for men at nighttime.

The product does not carry the best performance with itself and many customers have complained of it being a bad spinoff from the previous scents. However, many subjective cologne-lovers have a special place in their hearts for it.


9. BURBERRY Brit Sheer Eau de Toilette for Her

Best BURBERRY Cologen for Women

The Brit Sheer fragrance for women was released in the year 2007, and was blended with the help of perfumer Emilie Coppermann. Known to be one of the fruity floral scents by Burberry, this piece really jazzed-up much of the female-following.

This is a fresh and light fragrance in a very yummy fruity way due to the presence of Litchi in this mix as it shines through as the main note. You can expect a floral and girly vibe out of it in a non-overpowering way. However, the drydown can come as a little off and makeup-y.

This is sort of like a shower-scent that you can spend hours smelling due to its calming and relaxing capacities. Daytime spritz on a cold day for women is the ideal match for it.

Although a great fragrance, this one right here is not known to last for a long duration. It is more of a “make yourself happy” scent then one that spreads in the air and makes people fall in love with you. If you wear perfumes for a boost in your own confidence, then this is a great pick.


10. BURBERRY The Beat Eau De Toilette for Men

BURBERRY The Beat Eau De Toilette for Men

This woody aromatic Burberry fragrance for men released in the year 2008 with the magic of perfumer Domitille Michalon.

There is a definite greenness to the perfume in the main notes with Cedarwood, Citron, and Black Pepper opening up the piece. The freshness is almost doubled with the blend of violet notes in this. It comes off as a really spicy and herbal scent with each waft of air.

This is an ideal smell for the chilly winters when you have the Christmas carols going on in the background. You sort of get a festive vibe that you can share with your close and loved one.

This is not your general Burberry smell of luxury, it is one of the best smelling perfume that has some really nice accords to it. However, it does have a really good longevity and moderate sillage. A good smell in general.