About Us

“Each time we inhale or smell a Perfume, we are all going on our own very personal Perfume journey” – Huib Maat


The mission behind Getastylehub.com is to offer guidance to fragrance enthusiasts to find the right fragrance for the right occasion. Our sense of smell has the highest ability to retain memories, experiences, and even feelings of love and comfort through scents. The transformative qualities of perfumes are well-founded, and fragrances can help both you and everyone around you have pleasant experiences and memories.


Who Are We? What is the Mission of Getastylehub.com?

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We are a team of two noses who have years of accumulated experience testing fragrances for their longevity, sillage and pairing notes that fit best in certain weathers and occasions. We are two individuals with extensive experience in the fragrance market; Maximo Spencer & Karen Reilly. We have really acquired expertise of more than ten years being Eau De Parfum and Eau De Toilette experts, and love sharing our findings with people who want to explore the fragrance market. 


What Do We Do? (How we work) 

We understand that scent is a very subjective experience, and our detailed guides will allow individuals to find suitable products for them. We test all the products ourselves to ensure the quality and standards are met with your expectations. Our listicles come with products with a wide range of pricing, so you do not have to compromise your taste or budget. 

We acquire products according to what our readers are looking for. We research throughout multiple public forums and run surveys within fragrance enthusiasts to understand what consumers want! Whether the requirement is budget-friendly colognes with great longevity, or the best fragrances for the workplace, summers, or something to gift your loved ones. We have it all laid down for you. 

We check the performance of all the fragrances and list down their attributes. After rummaging for days, we shortlist products that meet the quality standards we have put down. The process also comprises comparing all the finalized or shortlisted fragrances alongside. We mark down the best items for our final list, keeping budget constraints, performance, and brand reputation among other customers in mind. 

We then create easily understandable and informative guides that help you find the right fragrance for yourself according to your preferences. 


Our Experts 

We are a team of two who have an immense adoration for fragrances. We are the noses behind the entire process of curating high-quality scents for an immersive experience for our readers. Here’s a little something to know about us!


Maximo Spencer

maximo spencer

Maximo is a fragrance expert and perfumer who has years of extensive experience in creating new fragrance concepts. He loves exploring the consumer market and anticipating recent fragrance trends and evaluations. As of now, he has created more than 100 fragrances that have won the heart of hundreds of perfume enthusiasts. He has a graduate degree from Grasse Institue of Perfumery (GIP), and currently provides his excellence at a Manhattan creative center. Since 2003, he has provided his expertise in delivering innovative solutions that reduce both cost and delays!

He began with his journey in Getastylehub.com after 2015. This idea stemmed from his effort to revolutionize the fragrance market by offering insights and educating consumers on interacting with fragrance better. He joined hands with his prior colleague and expert perfumer Karen, who helped conceptualize his dream. 

Maximo has a family of three, with his wife Roseline and son Harvey. He hails from Buffalo, New York where he spent more than two decades of his life. Currently, the entire family has settled down in Manhattan, New York. Apart from the fragrance, Maximo has a wide range of hobbies from horsing to playing Assasin’s Creed with his son. He also loves indulging in aromatherapy and all-natural fragrances and tries to inculcate an enchanting experience in his creations. 


Karen Reilly

Karen Reilly

The co-ideator who brought Maximo’s dream to reality is Karen Reilly! She graduated with a Masters in Management in 2000 from one of the top ten business schools in France called NEOMA Business School. During her academic years, she participated in many internships in the fragrance market. One of them was at LVHM, Dior Parfums, Paris as an Assistant Brand Manager. She has also collected many accolades in her life including the first price for “Création d’entreprise” sponsored by L’Oréal. 

Karen is a certified perfumer from the Fashion Institute of Technology, where her field of study was Fragrance Development and Evaluation. Her expertise runs from recreating timeless fragrances like Dior’s Homme Eau De Toilette, to studying consumer behavior and interaction with the current fragrance market. Maximo and Karen worked at the same project in 2010 the past and have been sharing their eternal love and passion for scents. 

Karen spent most of her life in Albany, New York, and currently provides her expert opinion remotely to Getastylehub.com. She has been instrumental in organizing two World Perfumery Congresses and also contributed to several fragrance magazines. Apart from the art of smell, Karen flaunts her talents in singing and painting. Her family believes if she hadn’t chosen perfumery, she could’ve become a thriving artiste!